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Getting from Point A to Point Be

Posted on June 15, 2013 at 11:00 PM

I want to share something with you. It's something you probably already know, but you most likely don't use. I'm going to tell you how to eat an elephant. It's simple, really. Just take one bite at a time; the same way you would eat a raisin or a cookie.


This is goal setting 101. If you have a big, scary mountain of a goal in mind but you are too intimidated by its size, then this is for you! In the spirit of "keeping it simple", here is your To Do list for getting from here to where you want to be.


• Know your ultimate goal and make sure it is BIG. And make sure it's healthy!


• Break your goal into bite sized chunks. You can do this by using a timeline, but with fitness goals please remember that fitness and weight loss don't progress at an even pace or in a straight line. These goals are best divided into layers. For example, you could call your first goal at 5 pounds lost or 2 inches in your waist or being able to lift 5 pounds more.


• Make a stairway of your efforts. Continuing to do the same thing for any length of time will ultimately end in a stalemate. You will need to "up the ante" if you want to make progress. If you gradually increase your efforts over time you can avoid that stalemate.


• Track your progress. Keep a chart. Take pictures. Use an app!


• Find your WHY. Know why you have the goal you chose and use your why to motivate you. Make a poster. Put it on your desk or your computer screen. Keep a daily reminder.


• Find other things that motivate you. What gets you going? What is your theme song? Search for "motivation" online to find more ideas.

Now, let's get started!  We are at Point A.  Where do you want to BE when you reach your goal?


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