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Important Things You Should Know About Zumba!!

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 10:50 AM

 1. We WANT you there. The more students in a class, the more fun we all have. Yes, you pay to be in class, but it isn’t your money we’re excited to see. It’s your smiling face when you hear a favorite song. It’s you telling us how glad you are you made it to class. That’s the best thing about being an instructor. P.S. We love it when you really get into the music and add your own flavor and hoot and whistle and be generally obnoxious. It makes class more fun!

2. Consistency is the key to success. No matter why you come to class, the best way to accomplish that “why” is by showing up whenever you possibly can. If you only show up to class a few times a month, it should not be a surprise when you see little to no change in your fitness – or whatever you are trying to change.

3. Zumba is not just for weight loss. If you come to class with the hope of losing weight, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Zumba has multiple benefits. Besides possible weight loss you stand to reduce your stress level, strengthen your core muscle group, reduce chronic pain, increase flexibility, increase your energy level and improve your over-all self esteem. Plus it’s just plain fun!

4. That said, Zumba is not a magical weight loss tool. Yes, you stand to burn calories and lose some fat if you were not this active previously. But if you are coming to class with the hopes of weight loss, here are some important things you need to keep in mind:

*Remember #2. The more classes you attend, the more likely your weight loss will be successful. Likewise, it will be faster.

*Don’t focus on a scale. We incorporate many muscle toning movements into our routines – particularly for the glutes and abs. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. So if you feel your clothes loosening up but the numbers don’t change, that could be why. Just remember, being fit and firm is more important than light and slender.

*If you are coming consistently for awhile and have some weight loss, you might still hit a plateau. Zumba can take you part of the way but studies show that diet is way more significant in weight loss than exercise. Remember the importance of what you are eating. Keep track of your portions and what kinds of things you eat. (Hint: We have other blog posts about healthy eating you can check out!) Likewise, varying your workout or increasing it can help you maximize your efforts. Add in some additional cardio. Try out some Zumba moves at home in your kitchen while you are waiting for the meat to defrost or the water to boil. Try some yoga or weight training.

*Carrying excess weight can have unhappy side effects. One is chronic joint pain – which can include in the spine. Zumba helps with this by increasing your core muscle tone and flexibility. But it is important to do those toning moves correctly! (Go read #5!) 5. As in #2, while coming to class consistently is important, your level of participation while in class makes a huge difference! Just like with attending regularly, keeping up with us while we teach as much as possible will optimize your workout. In addition, the moves we do are best done correctly. The dance type moves are perhaps less important to mimic exactly – what’s important is that you keep moving. However, when we are doing squats or ab targeting movements you will get the most out of these moves when you do them with the proper form. If you need advice on these, please ask. We love when you take an active role in optimizing your class time and we do not mind answering your questions – EVER! This is especially true because your SAFETY is of prime importance. So while we love to see you work hard, it is more important that you do not over-do your workout. CONTROL is the key word here. Keep things tight and strong. No flinging or flopping. Jiggling is fine. ;-) Do what you are capable of and do it as correctly as possible. In fact, some nights you will notice we are taking it easy ourselves. This could be because one of us is injured, under the weather or pregnant. So if you know the moves and want to work harder than we are, feel free to do so as long as you are staying safe!

6. We love it when you keep track of your own attendance! Yes, we will sign you in if you don’t do it or if we see you come in and we are just standing around. But when you actively keep track of your card or keep a reminder of when your unlimited pass expires we are thrilled. We don’t like to tell people they owe us money. That’s not fun. We prefer the fun part where we wink and woot at you during class. That’s fun. So if we remind you that it’s time to renew or get a new card, just know that we only do so to keep consistent track of our business.

7. Your feedback is super helpful! If you have favorite songs or moves or songs or moves you hate; we want to know. If you have a suggestion we would be happy to hear it. We might not use it, but then we might. Or we may use something similar or make some other adjustment based on your suggestion. So it never hurts to ask. As you may have heard us say, our song wish list is very, very long at all times. New songs and choreography are constantly in a holding pattern. We absolutely love to share new material with you and we try to rotate in new routines as often as possible. We want you to know, also, that having some routines and keeping them for extended time is for a good reason. Two, actually. One reason is that it takes work and effort for us to choreograph and/or learn new routines well enough to introduce them in class. The second reason is that YOU get the most out of the routines that you know best and have gotten the most familiar with. The better you know the routine, the more effort you can put in and the more personal flavor you can add! Feedback is also important to how we plan for the future of our classes as it relates to our schedule and what we choose to offer in addition to two week-night classes.

8.  We love our students!  The most important thing to us is seeing you succeed and enjoy yourselves!  Thanks for reading!!

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