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The Basics - My Philosophy on Health and Fitness

Posted on April 11, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Everyone is unique. We do not all share exactly the same DNA, the same life experiences, the same opinions or the same feelings about everything. None of us came from a mold but we were all made in God's image and as stewards of these precious and sometimes fragile, mortal shells, we are responsible for their care. Self care is not selfish. It is our duty, not only to ourselves but to those who we care for and who care for us.


Most people invest a significant amount of time either working on their health and fitness, planning to work on their health and fitness or simply wishing they were healthier or more fit. Many people place a high priority on setting and attaining specific goals for weight loss. As I said before, we are all unique. I personally do not believe that setting a goal to lose a specific number of pounds or inches by a set date is either healthy or practical. I believe that challenging yourself or anyone else to do a new exercise program or diet that will last for a specific time period is neither safe nor practical. I believe that using pills, shakes, supplements or body wraps to induce weight loss or increase energy is also neither safe nor practical. In addition to these practices, I would like to mention "cleansing" which is a term that is misused and miss-represented. The body is made to cleanse itself of impurities, therefore the only reason you would need to use something for cleansing your system would be if your body was malfunctioning. The renal and digestive systems do what they ought to do as long as they remain healthy.


I have said a lot about what I don't agree with on the subject of health and fitness. Here is what I do believe: The best way to care for your body is by eating a healthy, daily, permanent diet that is very rich in vegetables (especially green leafy ones), lots of fruit, protein in the form of legumes, lean meats, fish and eggs and complex carbohydrates. What you eat should be as close to nature as possible. Avoid additives, preservatives and anything artificial. Limit saturated fats. For fitness you must have activity. The recommended amount has always been at least three sessions of cardiovascular activity a week that each last at least thirty minutes. But as I said, we are unique and some of us need more. It has been proven that building muscle helps to burn fat and to support the musculoskeletal system. Back pain? Guess what!?! You need to improve muscle tone! So moderate strength training is also a great addition to your weekly activity. You don't have to use weights (you can use natural resistance training such as push ups and other floor work.


In regard to goal setting and dime limits I have realized that neither health nor fitness are a destination. They are a journey. A path. The key is to get on the path. Anywhere. Jump in. Progress is progress. Take it at the speed that works for you. Start small. Add a new veggie to your diet. Try a new activity that gets you moving. And keep going. That's how you will find success. Not on anyone else's terms or by the definition in a magazine. You be fit for you. You be healthy for you! I know you can do it!

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