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Great Links for Learning about Nutrition

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Hi all,

Soon I hope to be sharing a wealth of knowledge about nutrition via the Zumba Plate education program.  Until then, please enjoy the following links.  I have included a description with each.  Please note:  I do not endorse any products sold by the following web sites.  These web sites do have lots of great information, however.  If you visit these pages, make sure to watch my videos at www.youtube.com/channel/UCrHo0DKPzrIKoxowjRzTVsg too so that you can get a clear vision of what I do believe.  

1.  Dr. Gourmet - This website is fantastic!  Dr. Gourmet is a real doctor and culinary expert.  He does have a book that includes recipes and it is fantastic.  I believe it is available at the library as well as book stores.  Just excellent straight talk about food, including how to eat for certaing conditions or with particular medications.  It's the best!

2. Kris Carr - Kris is a cancer survivor turned health guru.  She has lots of excellent advice and recipes.

3.  Hungry For Change - This is the site for a documentary that explores the lives of people who made personal discoveries about health through proper diet.  It is frequently available on Netflix.  This is the extreme end of healthy eating.  They advocate clean eating and veganism.  If you watch my videos or read my blog you will notice I take a much more gradual and less strict approach to diet.  With that in mind, it's a powerful thing to watch because it drives home ideas we tend to block out because of the way we are brought up and the way food "products" are advertised to us.

4. https://www.blueapron.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Blue Apron -  This is actually a fantastic service - if you can afford it.  For me, this is kind of pricey.  They do not charge shipping - that is included, and it has many advantages.  So as I said, if it's in your budget it is well worth it!  They take all the guesswork out of eating healthy meals.  You can purchase a package that will send you 2 to 4 meals a week for one person up to a family of 4 (I assume you can order more than one plan to supplement for a larger famliy).  The meals are not cooked, however!  You get exactly the ingredients you need for each healthy meal along with a recipe with specific instruction.  This not only gives you the healthy foods, it helps you learn the skills to cook healthy meals and the things you learn with transfer to the rest of your meal times!  

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